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Jordan Tuwiner


Buy Bitcoin Worldwide was founded by Jordan Tuwiner in June 2015. Jordan discovered Bitcoin in 2013 and has been helping others learn about Bitcoin since through this site. He studied at Towson University.

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Colin Aulds


Colin Aulds is a founder at 10NetZero, an off-grid Bitcoin mining company. He is the former VP and founder at Billfodl, a Bitcoin wallet backup company, as well as PrivacyPros, a blog dedicated to helping every day people improve their privacy.

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“They Exceeded My Expectations” is an excellent resource. I'll be sending this site to my friends when they ask where to acquire bitcoins.

Justin Guy

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“Thank you @BuyBitcoinWorldwide

I've learned a lot from reading BuyBitcoinWorldwide. They provide some of the best Bitcoin information on the web.

Alon Shvartsman

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  • We help you avoid scams by vetting exchanges.
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To empower individuals and businesses in their journey through the dynamic world of Bitcoin. We are committed to achieving this mission by delivering top-tier services, exceptional education, and unwavering support.

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Diversity Pledge

At BuyBitcoinWorldwide, we pledge to champion diversity and inclusion. Bitcoin, with its principles of fairness, accessibility, and decentralization, aligns with our commitment to creating an equitable world. We believe that Bitcoin offers a level playing field for individuals of all races and genders. Through education, support, and inclusion initiatives, we will empower our team to explore and engage with Bitcoin, ensuring that it remains an accessible and inclusive financial tool. By promoting Bitcoin's potential, we aim to contribute to a more just and inclusive future for everyone. Together, we can build a world where financial opportunities are truly fair and borderless.

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