Is Bitcoin Capitalized? Uppercase "B" vs Lowercase

The word “bitcoin” is often written in many different ways.

Sometimes ‘Bitcoin’, sometimes ‘bitcoin’, and sometimes ‘BTC’.

What does each mean?

It’s not hard, but let’s break it down.

Key Takeaways

  • Use 'Bitcoin' when you are talking about the protocol or the payment network.
  • Use 'bitcoin' when you are talking about units of the currency.
  • You can use 'BTC' to refer to both 'Bitcoin' and 'bitcoin'.

Capital B

Bitcoin with a capital “B” is used to describe Bitcoin the protocol, Bitcoin as a whole, or Bitcoin as a payment network.

For example:

I’ve been using Bitcoin to send money to my brother in Canada.

I learned about Bitcoin in 2020 when I was in college.

Lowercase B

When bitcoin is spelled with a lowercase “b”, it is used to reference bitcoin as a currency or the currency unit.

For example:

I finally bought my first bitcoins.

I had received 30 bitcoins as a birthday gift.

What is BTC?

Sometimes BTC is used to reference Bitcoin.

BTC is also used like bitcoin with a lowercase B, meaning it is used to reference bitcoin the currency.

For example:

Did you see? One BTC is finally worth over $1,000!

You owe me 50 BTC.

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