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We built this free crypto tax calculator for USA users who want to check their status quickly. This calculator is for informational purposes only. Consult an expert CPA or tax pro always. Use crypto tax software if you have a lot of trades.

Crypto Tax Calculator

How to Use Our Crypto Tax Calculator

Follow these steps to quickly estimate your crypto tax:

  1. Select Your Filing Status: Choose the option that corresponds to your tax filing status. This helps in determining your federal tax rate.
  2. Enter Your Total Income: Input your overall annual income. This will help in estimating your taxable amount.
  3. Provide Purchase & Sale Amounts: Add the total cost of your first crypto purchase and the sale amount to determine your capital gain.
  4. Specify Holding Duration: Select whether you held your crypto for less than or more than a year. Short-term holdings may have different tax implications.
  5. Pick Your State: Select the state you reside in. State taxes can vary, and this will help calculate the applicable state tax.
  6. Calculate Tax: Click the 'Calculate Tax' button. Your estimated federal, state, and total tax will be displayed below.

Always consult with a tax professional to get precise numbers. This calculator provides a general estimate based on the provided information.

US Federal Cap Gains Rates

Taxable Income Range Capital Gains Tax Rate
Less than or equal to $41,675 (Single, Married Filing Separately) 0%
Less than or equal to $83,350 (Married Filing Jointly, Qualifying Surviving Spouse) 0%
Less than or equal to $55,800 (Head of Household) 0%
More than $41,675 but less than or equal to $459,750 (Single) 15%
More than $83,350 but less than or equal to $517,200 (Married Filing Jointly, Qualifying Surviving Spouse) 15%
More than $55,800 but less than or equal to $488,500 (Head of Household) 15%
More than $41,675 but less than or equal to $258,600 (Married Filing Separately) 15%
Exceeds the thresholds for the 15% rate 20%

State Capital Gains Taxes for 2023

State Rates 2023
California 13.30%
New Jersey 10.75%
Washington D.C. 10.75%
Oregon 9.90%
Minnesota 9.85%
Massachusetts 9.00%
New York 10.90%
Vermont 8.75%
Wisconsin 7.65%
Hawaii 7.25%
Maine 7.15%
Washington † 7.00%
Connecticut 6.99%
Montana 6.75%
Nebraska 6.64%
Delaware 6.60%
West Virginia 6.50%
South Carolina 6.40%
Iowa 6.00%
Rhode Island 5.99%
New Mexico 5.90%
Idaho 5.80%
Georgia 5.75%
Maryland 5.75%
Virginia 5.75%
Kansas 5.70%
Alabama 5.00%
Mississippi 5.00%
North Carolina 4.75%
Illinois 4.95%
Arkansas 4.90%
Utah 4.85%
Oklahoma 4.75%
Kentucky 4.50%
Missouri 4.95%
Colorado 4.40%
Louisiana 4.25%
Michigan 4.25%
Ohio 3.99%
Indiana 3.15%
Pennsylvania 3.07%
North Dakota 2.90%
Arizona 2.50%
Alaska 0.00%
Florida 0.00%
Nevada 0.00%
New Hampshire 0.00%
South Dakota 0.00%
Tennessee 0.00%
Texas 0.00%
Wyoming 0.00%

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