Faucet Meaning & Definition

Key Takeaways

  • A Faucet dispenses small amounts of cryptocurrencies, either for free or in return for simple tasks.
  • Originally, Faucets promoted Bitcoin adoption by giving away free Bitcoin to users.
  • While Faucets introduce newcomers to crypto, caution is advised due to potential risks like scams or malware.

A Faucet is typically a website or application that offers users a way to earn small amounts of bitcoins.

These small amounts, often referred to as ‘drips’, are given away for free or in exchange for completing simple tasks or captcha.

These faucets can be seen as promotional methods for those new to the world of Bitcoin. By offering a risk-free introduction, users might feel more inclined to learn about and invest in cryptocurrencies.

Purpose of Faucets

Originally, faucets were introduced to the Bitcoin community to promote the adoption of the new digital currency.

By providing users with a free way to obtain bitcoins, it encouraged more users to learn and start using Bitcoin.

Over time, as the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies rose, the amounts dispensed by faucets decreased, but their role in introducing new users to the crypto ecosystem remained significant.

How Faucets Work

Faucets dispense cryptocurrencies in a variety of ways:

  • Simple Task Completion: Some faucets ask users to complete simple tasks or captcha to receive their crypto.
  • Referral Programs: Many faucets offer referral programs where users can earn additional cryptocurrencies by referring new users.
  • Claim Intervals: Some faucets allow users to claim crypto at fixed intervals, such as every hour or every day.

These sites or apps usually earn revenue through ads. So, while you’re claiming your free crypto, you’ll likely see a plethora of advertisements. This ad revenue is then partly used to fund the faucet and keep it running.

Potential Risks and Benefits


  • Scams: Not all faucets are genuine. Some might be set up to scam users by not paying out as promised.
  • Malware and Pop-ups: Some faucets might try to download harmful software onto your device, or inundate you with unwanted pop-up ads.


  • Introduction to Crypto: For newcomers, faucets are a risk-free introduction to the concept of Bitcoin payments.
  • Small Earnings: Over time, even the small amounts dispensed by faucets can add up, especially if the value of the Bitcoin increases.

Remember, always do your own research before using a faucet or engaging with any crypto-related service. Ensure that the platform is reputable and has positive reviews from the community.

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