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How Much Bitcoin Does Grayscale Own?

Largest ETFs that Own Bitcoin

Entity Country Symbol:Exchange # of BTC Value Today % of 21m
Grayscale Bitcoin Trust GBTC:OTCMKTS 643,572 643572 3.065%
CoinShares / XBT Provider XBTE:NADQ 48,466 48466 0.231%
Purpose Bitcoin ETF BTCC:TSX 25,284 25284 0.12%
3iQ CoinShares Bitcoin ETF BTCQ:TSX 21,237 21237 0.101%
ETC Group Bitcoin ETP BTCE:XETRA 17,976 17976 0.086%

How Much Bitcoin Does Grayscale Own?

Grayscale Investments, LLC runs multiple crypto funds on the public market.

They have two that involve Bitcoin. The details of their holdings are as follows:

Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) owns 636,696.620259 BTC as of August 19th, 2022. This accounts for approximately 3.032% of the total bitcoin supply of 21 million.

Grayscale Digital Large Cap Fund is holding 6,569.60448350 BTC as of March 31, 2022.

What Does Grayscale Do?

Grayscale is the world’s largest digital currency asset manager. They offer investors opportunities to buy cryptocurrencies without the time and effort of storing and safekeeping it. Instead of managing coins yourself, you can quickly buy and sell shares of their investment options.

Who Owns Grayscale?

Digital Currency Group is the parent company of Grayscale Investments and also Coindesk. They started Grayscale back in 2013. Barry Silbert is the founder and current CEO and Michael Sonnenshein is Managing Director.

Does Grayscale Only Mine Bitcoin?

Grayscale has two main Trusts concerning Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin Trust solely consists of Bitcoin.

The Digital Large Cap Fund is a diverse combination of many cryptocurrencies. It consists of 64.77% BTC as of July 29th, 2022

Does Grayscale Own Ethereum?

There are options for both Ethereum (ETH) and Ethereum Classic (ETC).

The Ethereum Trust has 310,158,500 ETH worth $4.8 billion as of August 26th, 2022

The Ethereum Classic Fund is holding 13,993,800 ETC worth $418.7 million as of August 26th, 2022.

Does Grayscale Own or Mine Other Cryptocurrencies?

Since Grayscale is focused on digital currency as a whole, they don’t just stop with bitcoin and ethereum. They offer investment Trusts for some of the most popular cryptocurrencies and diversified Funds made up of various crypto assets.

Grayscale Trusts include:

Grayscale Funds include:

Total of Bitcoins Owned by Entities

Category # of BTC Value Today % of 21m
ETFs 819125 819125 3.901%
Countries 244779 244779 1.166%
Public Companies 232500 232500 1.107%
Private Companies 427381 427381 2.035%

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Entity Country # of BTC Value Today
200,000 200000
2,381 2381
643,572 643572
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9,000 9000
11,568 11568
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