Bitcoin Treasuries

BTC holdings in publicly traded and private companies, ETFs and countries.

Entities # of BTC Value Today % of 21m Last Updated
ETFs 819125 819125 3.901%
Countries 244779 244779 1.166%
Public Companies 259862 259862 1.237%
Private Companies 316067 316067 1.505%
65 1639833 1639833 7.809% March 27, 2023

Totals by Category

Category # of BTC Value Today % of 21m
ETFs 819125 819125 3.901%
Countries 244779 244779 1.166%
Public Companies 259862 259862 1.237%
Private Companies 316067 316067 1.505%

Public Companies that Own Bitcoin

Entity Country Symbol:Exchange Filings & Sources # of BTC Value Today % of 21m
MicroStrategy MSTR:NADQ Filing | News 138,955 138955 0.662%
Galaxy Digital Holdings BRPHF:OTCMKTS Filing | News 40,000 40000 0.19%
Voyager Digital LTD VOYG:TSX Filing | News 12,260 12260 0.058%
Tesla, Inc TSLA:NADQ Filing | News 10,725 10725 0.051%
Hut 8 Mining Corp HUT:NASDAQ Filing | News 9,242 9242 0.044%
Coinbase Global, Inc. COIN:NADQ Filing | News 9,000 9000 0.043%
Marathon Digital Holdings Inc MARA:NADQ Filing | News 8,260 8260 0.039%
Block, Inc. SQ:NYSE Filing | News 8,027 8027 0.038%
Riot Platforms, Inc. RIOT:NADQ Filing | News 7,058 7058 0.034%
Bitcoin Group SE BTGGF:TCMKTS Filing | News 3,830 3830 0.018%
Hive Blockchain HIVE:NASDAQ Filing | News 2,365 2365 0.011%
NEXON Co. Ltd NEXOF:OTCMKTS Filing | News 1,717 1717 0.008%
Exodus Movement Inc :OTCMKTS Filing | News 1,300 1300 0.006%
Brooker Group's BROOK (BKK) BROOK:BKK Filing | News 1,150 1150 0.005%
Meitu HKD:HKG Filing | News 941 941 0.004%
Bit Digital, Inc. BTBT:NASDAQ Filing | News 696 696 0.003%
Phunware, Inc. PHUN:NASDAQ Filing | News 630 630 0.003%
BIGG Digital Assets Inc. BBKCF:OTCMKTS Filing | News 500 500 0.002%
Cipher Mining CIFR:NASDAQ Filing | News 465 465 0.002%
DMG Blockchain Solutions Inc. DMGGF:OTCMKTS Filing | News 413 413 0.002%
Bitfarms Limited BITF:NASDAQ Filing | News 405 405 0.002%
Advanced Bitcoin Technologies AG ABT:DUS Filing | News 254 254 0.001%
Neptune Digital Assets NPPTF:OTCMKTS Filing | News 241 241 0.001%
DigitalX DGGXF:OTCMKTS Filing | News 216 216 0.001%
LQwD FinTech Corp LQWDF:OTC Filing | News 151 151 0.001%
MercadoLibre, Inc. MELI:NADQ News 150 150 0.001%
Ault Alliance (formerly BitNile Holding Inc) AULT:NYSE Filing | News 140 140 0.001%
Banxa Holdings Inc BNXAF:OTCMKTS Filing | News 136 136 0.001%
Argo Blockchain PLC ARBKF:OTCMKTS Filing | News 101 101 0.0%
CleanSpark Inc CLSK:NASDAQ Filing | News 100 100 0.0%
Digihost Technology Inc. HSSHF:OTCMKTS Filing | News 98 98 0.0%
BTCS Inc. BTCS:OTCMKTS Filing | News 90 90 0.0%
Canada Computational Unlimited Corp. SATO:TSXV Filing | News 75 75 0.0%
FRMO Corp. FRMO:OTCMKTS Filing | News 63 63 0.0%
Core Scientific CORZ:NASDAQ Filing | News 62 62 0.0%
Metromile MILE:NASDAQ Filing | News 25 25 0.0%
MOGO Financing MOGO:Nasdaq Filing | News 18 18 0.0%
Net Holding Anonim Sirketi NTHOL TI:IST Filing | News 3 3 0.0%
Totals: 259862 259862 1.237%

Countries & Governments that Own Bitcoin

Entity Country Filings & Sources # of BTC Value Today % of 21m
China News 194,000 194000 0.924%
Ukraine (govt) News 46,351 46351 0.221%
El Salvador Filing | News 2,381 2381 0.011%
Finland News 1,981 1981 0.009%
Georgia (govt) News 66 66 0.0%
Totals: 244779 244779 1.166%

Private Companies that Own Bitcoin

Entity Country Filings & Sources # of BTC Value Today % of 21m
Mt. Gox Filing | News 141,686 141686 0.675% Filing | News 140,000 140000 0.667%
The Tezos Foundation Filing | News 17,500 17500 0.083%
Stone Ridge Holdings Group Filing | News 10,000 10000 0.048%
Massachusetts Mutual Filing | News 3,500 3500 0.017%
Lisk Foundation Filing | News 1,898 1898 0.009%
Seetee AS Filing | News 1,170 1170 0.006%
Luna Foundation Guard News 313 313 0.001%
Totals: 316067 316067 1.505%

ETFs that Own Bitcoin

Entity Country Symbol:Exchange Filings & Sources # of BTC Value Today % of 21m
Grayscale Bitcoin Trust GBTC:OTCMKTS Filing | News 643,572 643572 3.065%
CoinShares / XBT Provider XBTE:NADQ Filing | News 48,466 48466 0.231%
Purpose Bitcoin ETF BTCC:TSX Filing | News 25,284 25284 0.12%
3iQ CoinShares Bitcoin ETF BTCQ:TSX Filing | News 21,237 21237 0.101%
ETC Group Bitcoin ETP BTCE:XETRA Filing | News 17,976 17976 0.086%
3iQ The Bitcoin Fund QBTCBV:TSX Filing | News 13,000 13000 0.062%
Bitwise 10 Crypto Index Fund BITW:OTCMKTS Filing | News 10,784 10784 0.051%
Hashdex Nasdaq Crypto Index ETF. HASH11:BVMF Filing | News 8,832 8832 0.042%
Grayscale Digital Large Cap Fund OTCQX:OTCMKTS Filing | News 7,346 7346 0.035%
21Shares AG ABTC:SWX Filing | News 6,142 6142 0.029%
VanEck Vectors Bitcoin ETN VBTC:XETRA Filing | News 3,950 3950 0.019%
CI Galaxy Bitcoin Fund BTCX:TSX Filing | News 3,248 3248 0.015%
Osprey Bitcoin Trust OBTC:OTC Filing | News 2,820 2820 0.013%
Valour Bitcoin Zero ETP BTC0E.AS:OTC News 2,000 2000 0.01%
Evolve Bitcoin ETF EBIT:TSX Filing | News 1,663 1663 0.008%
Ninepoint Bitcoin Trust BITC:TSX Filing | News 1,200 1200 0.006%
Fidelity Advantage Bitcoin ETF FTBC:TSE Filing | News 878 878 0.004%
QR Assets QBTC11:BVMF Filing | News 727 727 0.003%
Totals: 819125 819125 3.901%

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Microstrategy LLC

Microstrategy holds more Bitcoin than any other publicly traded company on Earth.

But it hasn't always held this title.

Microstrategy was founded in 1989, after its founder Michael Saylor began consulting for DuPont.

Michael Saylor
Microstrategy CEO, Michael Saylor

With the money Microstrategy made from consulting, they were able to invest in their real innovation - data mining.

Microstrategy would go on to found and other business units, and eventually go public in 1998.

It wasn't until August of 2020 that Microstrategy made its first purchase of Bitcoin.

It began with a $250M investment to purchase 21,454 bitcoins at an average price of $11,652 per bitcoin.

It would go on to purchase over $2.2B in bitcoin and is actively raising an additional $400M to buy more.

microstrategy announces bitcoin buy

Tesla, Inc.

Tesla is perhaps the most controversial company on this list.

Of course, Tesla is most well known for its high-performance electric vehicles featuring long-range batteries and luxury amenities.

Tesla is also known for its larger-than-life and often times quirky CEO, Elon Musk.

Elon Musk
Tesla and SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk

And on December 20, 2020, Elon first expressed interest in buying large amounts of bitcoin after Michael Saylor of Microstrategy suggested other CEO's follow his lead.

elon musk asks how to buy bitcoin

Tesla eventually announced the purchase of a $1.5B purchase in February of 2021.

tesla announced bitcoin buy

Square Inc.

Square is the second big company to be founded by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

Jack Dorsey
Twitter and Square CEO, Jack Dorsey

Square is most known for its suite of retail and ecommerce payments software and hardware.

It's also the creator of the very popular payments app, Cash App.

This is where Bitcoin comes into play.

Cash App first allowed it customers to purchase Bitcoin in 2018.

Then in October 2020, Square itself purchased $50MM of Bitcoin.

square buys $50M bitcoin

Then in February of 2021, Square bought more than triple that number, putting a new total of 5% of cash reserves into Bitcoin.

square buys $170M bitcoin

And Dorsey continues to be a huge propnent of Bitcoin and dedicated to furthering its development through square crypto - squares non-profit bitcoin development fund.

square crypto projects

Marathon Digital Holdings

Marathon Digital Holdings was formerly known as Marathon Patent Group. It began as a patent holdings group in the early 2010's.

Today, Marathon is a major bitcoin mining company and bitcoin holder.

It purchased the Hardin Generating Station in Montana in 2021. This powerplant generates 107MW of electricity and is responsible for a lot of bitcoin mining power.

Hardin Generating Station in Montana
The Hardin Generating Station in Montana

4,812.66 BTC of the company's Bitcoin holdings are the result of a purchase the company made in January 2021 for an average price of $31,168 per BTC. The rest are from its mining activities.

Today, you can buy shares in the company to get exposure to bitcoin mining and the bitcoin price as well. This is exactly what the Arizona State Retirement System did in the 1st quarter of 2022 by increasing its position in Marathon Digital by 3.5%. The fund now owns 27,743 shares of the business services provider’s stock.

Coinbase Global, Inc

Coinbase is a crypto brand that virtually every trader has heard of.

They are, by far, the largest exchange on Earth and also the most well-known.

And it's run by a very uncontroversial CEO, Brian Armstrong.

Brian Armstrong
Coinbase CEO, Brian Armstrong

So it is no wonder that a company that makes the bulk of its revenue helping others buy and sell bitcoin should also hold some on its balance sheet.

Coinbase first disclosed its holdings in its Q1 2021 public listing documents.

According to the documents, Coinbase has held Bitcoin on its balance sheet since 2012.

coinbase balance sheet

Bitcoin Group SE

Bitcoin Group SE is a Bitcoin investment fund based out of Germany.

It has investments in exchange and Futurum Bank.

It first acquired its bitcoin in 2016 and has increased its holdings every year since.

bitcoin group se bitcoin customers
Bitcoin Group SE's year over year bitcoin holdings

Hut 8 Mining Corp

Hut 8 is a Canadian based mining company that you can buy shares in as a retail investor.

Hut 8 holds more self-minted bitcoin than any other mining company on Earth.

As of February 2021, Hut 8 held 3,012 bitcoins and has since added over 500 more.

Hut 8 February bitcoin holdings

Nearly all of Hut 8's bitcoins have been minted by their own mining farms - an unusual move as most miners tend to sell their coins to continue operations.

"Our commitment to 'hodling' bitcoin is at the core of our strategy in creating incremental value for Hut 8 investors", said Hut 8 CEO, jaime Leverton.

According to a press release issued by the company in Februrary of 2021, "Hut 8's stock is up by 438.5% year-to-date and its Alberta mining facilities are currently operating at 1073 PH/s, after a successful install of an additional 35 PH/s.

The miner has increased its power capacity to 109 megawatts, making Hut 8 the second highest installed capacity Bitcoin miner of the public companies in the Western Hemisphere. "


Nexon is a mobile gaming company based out of Japan.

On April 28 of 2021, Nexon purchsed 1,717 bitcoin for $100MM at an average price of $58,226.

nexon buys bitcoin headline

Owen Mahoney, the President and CEO of Nexon, had the following to day about the purchase: “Our purchase of bitcoin reflects a disciplined strategy for protecting shareholder value and for maintaining the purchasing power of our cash assets....In the current economic environment, we believe bitcoin offers long-term stability and liquidity while maintaining the value of our cash for future investments.”

This purchase was made at near the top of the bitcoin market of 2021, which means Nexon has lost a great deal of money on this deal.

Not to worry, though. This purchase represents less than 2% of Nexon's total cash nd cash equivalent on hand.

Riot Blockchain Inc.

Riot Blockchain is a publicly traded company focusing on Bitcoin mining.

The bulk of their Bitcoin treasury was not purchased, but mined by them directly.

Riot is growing at a rapid pace, with 7,500 more S19 Pros scheduled for deployment by the end of June 2021. The addition of these ASICs is expected to increase Riot's self-mining hash rate capacity to 2.51 EH/s, accoutning for 79.5 MW of energy.

On May 26, 2021, Riot acquired Bitmain's Rockdale, Texas mining and hosting facility - Whinestone US.

Brian Armstrong
The Whinestone being constructed by Bitmain

Whinestone is the largest facility of its kind within North America.

At this rate, Riot is poised to increase it bitcoin reserves greatly in the years ahead.

Seetee AS

Seetee is essentially a bitcoin focused venture capital firm founded by Aker ASA out of Norway.

They made their first purchase of 1,170 bitcoin in March of 2021 when they were founded.

Their strategy, as stated on their website, is first and foremost to hodl.

Beyond that, they will continue to invest in bitcoin-based companies and startups and occasionally add to their bitcoin reserves in the process. Aker and Seetee especially have special focused on renewable and sustainable focused bitcoin companies.

Bitfarms Limited

Bitfarms Limited is another bitcoin mining company based out of Canada.

In January of 2021, Bitfarms began is Bitcoin Inventory Pilot Program.

With this program, Bitfarms has added the vast majority of its minted bitcoins to its balance sheet.

In May of 2021, Bitfarms mined its 1,000th Bitcoin, which brought their total holdings to 1,006 Bitcoins.

By June 9th, Bitfarms added another 108 bitcoin to its balance sheet, bringing its total to 1,114.

Bitfarms is a bit unique from other mining operations in that all 11,300 bitcoins it has mined are from renewable hydropower.

Bitfarms CEO Emiliano Grodski had this to say about Bitfarm's 2021 performance: "This year Bitfarms is experiencing its fastest rate of growth ever, while benefitting from declining network hashrates due to developments in China. Due to the addition of new and more efficient miners to our fleet, we expect to more than double our installed hashrate from now until the end of the year."


Meitu is a little bit different from other companies on this list.

Meitu is a photo-editing app made by a company of the same name based out of Hong Kong.

In March of 2021, Meitu used some of its cash reserves to purchase $17.9MM worth of Bitcoin plus another $22MM in other altcoins.

meitu purchases bitcoin headline

Meitu issued a press release following the purchase, stating “(t)he Board believes cryptocurrencies have ample room for appreciation in value and by allocating part of its treasury in cryptocurrencies can also serve as a diversification to holding cash in treasury management (which is subject to depreciation pressure due to aggressive increases in money supply by central banks globally).”

Meitu followed these comments by stating they are looking for way to implement blockchain into their apps, thought that idea seems less feasible to experts.