Ted Cruz Embraces Bitcoin Donations

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz has taken a significant step towards embracing digital currency by accepting Bitcoin for campaign contributions. Through the use of OpenNode, contributions can be made both on-chain and through the lightning network, reflecting his bullish stance on Bitcoin and its potential benefits for the country.
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      November 2, 2023

Ted Cruz Embraces Bitcoin Donations

Key Takeaways

  • Senator Ted Cruz now accepts Bitcoin for campaign donations.
  • Donations can be made on-chain or via the lightning network.
  • Cruz is actively promoting Bitcoin awareness in the Senate.

Cruz’s Bitcoin Campaign Trail

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz has officially started accepting Bitcoin as a form of donation for his senate campaign. This groundbreaking move is facilitated by OpenNode, a Bitcoin payments platform, allowing donors to contribute either via the traditional on-chain method or through the lightning network, offering speedy transactions.

Advocating for Bitcoin’s Potential

Senator Cruz has not been silent about his support for Bitcoin, particularly highlighting its positive impact on energy and the economy in Texas and beyond. His advocacy extends to educating his peers in the Senate about the cryptocurrency, expressing concerns about the lack of Bitcoin knowledge among his colleagues.

A Senator’s Growing Investment in Bitcoin

In his journey to spread Bitcoin awareness in Washington D.C., Senator Cruz revealed his personal investment in the digital currency at the Bitcoin Policy Summit in April. Owning more than 2 Bitcoins, he adds to his holdings every week, demonstrating his strong belief in Bitcoin’s future.

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