Bitcoin Miami Conference - Bitcoin 2023

What is Bitcoin 2023 - The Miami Bitcoin Conference?

Bitcoin 2023, sometimes called the Miami Bitcoin Conference, is an annual Bitcoin conference run by Bitcoin Magazine.

In 2023 the conference will take place at the Miami Beach Convention Center for the third consecutive year.

bitcoin miami conference 2022
A picture of the Bitcoin 2023 Conference website.

I was at the conference in 2022 and it was packed with people! The energy was really special.

Here is a recap of the 2022 conference:


The 2023 conference will feature 150+ speakers, including:

Ticket Prices

Ticket prices are not sold at a flat rise. Every few weeks, Bitcoin 2023 raises the prices of tickets. You’ll have to check the website to see the current prices.

At time of writing, a General Admission pass is $649 and an industry pass is $1,649 USD.

You can follow @TheBitcoinConf on Twitter for updates about the pricing.

Live Stream

If you can’t make the conference, all of the panels will be live-streamed on Youtube.


Bitcoin 2023 will be sponsored by some of the largest Bitcoin companies in the space.

Energy giant Shell is one of the sponsors of this year’s conference.

bitcoin miami conference 2022
Gizmodo covering Shell's sponsorship.

Shell seems as if it may enter the Bitcoin mining space.

Last year, there were a lot of sponsors and many more will likely sponsor as the conference creeps closer.

bitcoin miami conference 2022
A picture of the sponsors I took at last year's conference.

Satellite Events

In 2022, there were dozens of other small events that popped up around Miami. Since thousands of Bitcoiners were all going to be in one place, companies created their own small events before and after the conference.

The same is expected in 2023, and we’ll keep a list here of any other cool satellite events that pop up.

Will Ethereum Be Discussed?

Bitcoin 2023 is a Bitcoin-only conference. While Ethereum may be mentioned, it won’t be the focus of any of the panels.

Miami Bitcoin Conference 2024

It’s unclear if the conference will return to Miami for 2024. The company has posted polls on Twitter asking where it should host the 2024 conference. So, it does appear Bitcoin Magazine is considering a new location for 2024.

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